Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Radio Netherlands will close its Bonaire shortwave relay in October 2012

Sergio Acosta interviewing Jan Willem Drexhage, head of Radio Netherlands distribution department: "SA: In an internal communication has been said that Radio Netherlands decided to close our relay station on Bonaire in late October next year, 2012. This is very sad news, this is the end of our jewel in the Caribbean. If so, then what is the future then our shortwave broadcasts? JWD: We regret it very much. It is a beautiful station, with good equipment, very good to reach North America, Central and South, but we see that for years, the number of hours we transmit through the station is falling. We anticipate that by the end of 2012, the number of hours used Radio Netherlands will be so small that it would be too costly to maintain the station. That does not mean we stop immediately with the shortwave as lease time on other stations in the region, for example in French Guiana Montsinery and Sackville Radio Canada. This means that when we close Bonaire it does not automatically mean that we end shortwave."

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