Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dubai Media Inc to launch new radio station/magazine

Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) has announced the launch of a new magazine and radio station catering to Dubai’s GCC and Arab population. The two new media platforms which will be launched in September will cover a wide range of topics from news to lifestyle with a Gulf focus.

The radio will feature Khaleeji and Emirati music along with live programmes which will be announced at a later date. The magazine which will be weekly will be 100 pages. Both will be distributed and broadcast across the UAE.

“The introduction of the weekly magazine and new radio station would be a qualitative addition to the national, regional and Arab media. The two new products will also reflect the integration between the various arms of Dubai Media Incorporated as they will act as a bridge to connect between the various media and channels of the DMI,” said Dhaen Shaheen, executive director for press at Dubai Media Incorporated at the conference.

(Source: gulfnews.com via Radio Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

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