Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dutch Music Monday: 22 August

This week on RNW's Dutch Music Monday Top 10 (week beginning 22 August 2011), Als je naar me lacht (When you smile at me) by Jamie Saunders hits the chart at number nine, while Jennifer Ewbank's A line in a song starts at number 6.

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9. Als je naar me lacht (When you smile at me) – Jamie Saunders
The British/Dutch Saunders family is rapidly becoming something of a musical dynasty, as Jamie Saunders is the third brother in a row to launch a successful solo career. His older brothers Ben and Dean both won this year’s finals of The Voice of Holland and Popstars, respectively, which they both followed with successful English-language singles. Jamie takes the Dutch-language career path, with his first hit on RNW’s Music Monday Top Ten as a result.

6. A line in a song – Jennifer Ewbank
Another breakthrough artist from the phenomenally successful The Voice of Holland television talent hunt is Jennifer Ewbank. Although she wasn’t a big hit on the programme – she got the boot during the early rounds – she has managed to establish herself as a solo artist. She hasn’t taken the easy route, though. While her brother John is one of the most successful composers and producers in the Netherlands (with over 15 Number Ones to his credit), Jennifer opted to work with unknown producers and writers.

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1 (1) No mercy – Racoon (12 wks)
2 (2) Cry (Just a little) – Bingo Players (11 wks)
3 (3) I’m a cliché – Anouk (8 wks)
4 (5) Fool for you – Krystl (3 wks)
5 (6) Koko – Sander van Doorn (8 wks)
6 (-) A line in a song – Jennifer Ewbank (1 wk)
7 (4) Wish I could – Miss Montreal (5 wks)
8 (-) Get Spanish – Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (11 wks)
9 (-) Als je naar me lacht – Jamie Saunders (1 wk)
10 (7) Let me rule the world – B-Yentl (3 wks)

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(Source : Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

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