Thursday, October 27, 2011

NHK to cut monthly TV fee

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK said on Tuesday that its board of governors have approved a business plan that includes a cut in its monthly television subscription fee by up to ¥120 [US$1.58] from next October. The viewership fee cut is the first by NHK since 1968, when the radio subscription fee that had been included was terminated. The monthly fee now stands at ¥1,345 [US$17.72] for viewers of terrestrial broadcasting alone. Viewers of satellite broadcasting are required to pay an additional ¥945 [US$12.45] per month.

NHK’s three-year business plan through fiscal 2014 projects that the fee cut would still allow the broadcaster to break even in fiscal 2012 from next April. It would leave it ¥4.7 billion in the red in fiscal 2013 and ¥1 billion in the black in fiscal 2014.

The board’s chairman, Fumio Sudo, apologized for failing to live up to the commitment for a greater fee reduction.

(Source: Kyodo via Japan Times via Media Network Weblog)

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