Thursday, October 27, 2011

VOV’s radio feature wins international awards

The International Radio and Television Union (URTI) have presented a bronze prize to two VOV reporters, Ngo Thieu Phong and Giang Xeo Pua, for their feature on the culture of ethnic minority people in northern Vietnam.
The 23rd awards ceremony of URTI was held in Paris on the evening of October 20 as part of activities to celebrate 30 years of FM radio broadcasting.

The radio feature ‘Tieng may xay ngo va tieng ken goi ban tinh’ (Sounds of the corn grinder and leaf-horns seeking lovers) by Phong and Pua was highly appreciated by the 23rd URTI jury for its interesting content, technical quality and sound effects on the audience.

The feature highlights the traditional customs of Vietnam’s ethnic Mong group, which are being threatened by globalization.

The jury was very impressed by the unique way of dealing with poverty from cultural and spiritual angles, said Dan Santa, President for Radio of URTI.

At the ceremony, representatives of many radio stations talked with VOV reporters and expressed their wish to boost cooperation with Radio the Voice of Vietnam.

This year’s event on the theme ‘Poverty’, held for all countries, received 105 entries from 45 nations.

(Source : Voice of Vietnam)

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