Friday, November 11, 2011

BBC Three to offer viewers a range of different perspectives on sex and sexuality

BBC Three has commissioned a season of programmes that will explore the complexities of sex and sexuality through a range of different viewpoints, from the scientist and the historian to the virgin, the lap dancer and the comedian.

Three-part series How Sex Works will lead the season, combining compelling real life stories, cutting-edge science and computer graphics to tell the story of the science behind sex. Inside the human body with CGI, the series will explore the physiological, neurological and psychological changes that happen before, during and after sex to investigate the science of lust and the mechanics of sex itself.

Zai Bennett, BBC Three Controller says: “Sex is on all young adults’ minds and we hope this major new season will encourage our audience to look at it from a variety of viewpoints. We aim to expose our viewers to a range of perspectives, some of which might be at odds with each other, but most importantly we want our viewers to watch these programmes and form their own opinions.”

(Source : BBC Press Release)

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