Friday, November 11, 2011

New Radio Channel “Couldn’t Be Better”

Private sector media operators have long called for reducing public broadcasting’s output. The overwhelming might of legacy, publicly funded radio and television stifles competition, they say. Politicians, sympathetic for various reasons, have been reluctant to make changes, fearing voter backlash. One of the first newly privatized radio channels has signed on to both criticism and praise.


A few seconds after midnight November 1st Denmark’s new national radio channel took to the airwaves. Radio24syv is a news talk channel, taking over the frequencies of public radio DR P2, the cultural channel. The news side of its programming is fairly traditional, presented by a mix of new and old voices from Denmark’s media scene. The talk side is unfamiliar territory.

Back in early 2010, Danish Culture Minister Per Stig Møller proposed privatizing a national radio channel of public broadcaster DR (formerly known as Danmarks Radio).  The Conservative People’s Party member – and former culture editor at Danmarks Radio – battled opposing politicians and, obviously, DR along with much of the country’s media establishment. The new channel, called FM4 or Radio Møller, would be privately operated but publicly funded through the broadcasting license fee. 

(Source : via worldDMB)

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