Friday, January 27, 2012

NHK WORLD TV is now seeking Program Monitors!

NHK is seeking viewers who will watch and submit comments regularly on NHK WORLD TV programs. The comments and suggestions will be utilized for enhancing our program quality.

If you are interested, please carefully read the requirements indicated below; if you are confident fulfilling below requirements and consent to what you are requested to do, please apply from the bottom form.

NHK WORLD TV Program Monitors

1. Requirements for becoming NHK WORLD TV Program Monitor

The applicants for NHK WORLD TV Program Monitor should:

  • (1) be living outside of Japan;
  • (2) be able to tune into NHK WORLD TV at any time, and watch the channel regularly on television (not on internet);
  • (3) be aged 18 or older;
  • (4) have a good conduct of English language, have confidence in writing comments on NHK WORLD TV programs;
  • (5) have a bank account which can receive money transfer made in Yen, U.S. Dollars, Euros, or Pound Sterling.

Please note that:

  • (i) those who do not have the 24-hour access to NHK WORLD TV channel are not eligible to apply.
    For example, if you are watching NHK WORLD TV:
    • (a) through your local PBS station or other channels such as Tokyo TV, which only carry parts of NHK WORLD TV news/programs
    • (b) through internet, and internet is your only means to tune into NHK WORLD TV; or
    • (c) watching NHK's English language programs through Japanese language channels such as NHK WORLD PREMIUM, TV JAPAN, JSTV,   you are NOT eligible to apply. 
  • (ii) Only one person per household is eligible to apply. If any member of your household has already been assigned as NHK's Program Monitor or NHK Monitor of any other field, and is currently actively contributing as such, you are kindly requested to refrain from applying.

  • (iii) Present NHK WORLD TV Program Monitors are requested NOT to apply.

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(Source : NHK World)

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