Sunday, April 15, 2012

Winners of the RRI “Targu Mures in History and in Our Times” Contest

30 merit prizes went to:

Maxim Bojok of Belarus, a listener of the Ukrainian language programs, Gianangelo Rosati of Italy, Romanian born Valentin Hogea of Sweden, Nikolai Popov of Russia, Javier González Balón from Ecuador, Marius Rybak of Poland a listener of the German language programs, Kamal Bouamama from Algeria, Khaled Said Dayan of Yemen, Long Dingzhong from China, Ng Chuanwah of Malaysia, a listener of the Chinese language programs, Jamet Paul of France, Naghmouchi Nouari and Naghmouchi Oussama, both from Algeria, listeners of the French service programs, Sabadou Sy of Mauritania, Gregory Amand, Jeffrey M. Cobb and Chris Larkosh, all 3 from the USA, Grant Skinner of Great Britain, Catherine Agboola of Nigeria, Arne Edsbagge and Borje Sahlen, both from Sweden, Mizanur Rahman, Robina Aktar Golapy, Mahmuda Sultana Mitu, MD Dipon and Dewan Rafiqul, all 5 from Bangladesh, Balbir Singh and Soutik Hati, both from India, M. Mansoor Bhatti of Pakistan, and Jaroslaw Jedrzejczak of Poland.

The 25 third prizes went to:

Danijel Dazdja of Serbia, Natalia Zabolotna of Ucraina, Giovanni Sergi and Stefano Citterio, both from Italy, Bogdan and Daniela Itu, from Spain, Ludmila Dementieva of Russia, Joan Coba Femenia of Spain, José Roberto da Silva Cunha from Brazil, Klaus Karusseit of Sweden, a listener of the German language programs, Abdelnaser Mohd Rashad Kamel of Egypt, Ferhat Bezazel of Algeria, Mohamad Taher Amri from Tunisia, Gong Yudie, Zhi Yanjiao and Nan Zhou, all 3 from China, Raïf Chaaban of Lebanon, Christian Ghibaudo of France, Gita Chakrabarty, Mitul Kansal, M. Ganesan and Anil Tamrakar, all 4 from India, Syed Ali Akbar of Pakistan, Hans Verner Lollike of Denmark, Ian Morrison from China, and Usman Ali of Dubai.

20 second prizes went to:

Ana Savic of Serbia, Serhii Badik from Ukraine, Agide Melloni from Italy, Romanian born Eduard Bogoe from the US, Nikolai Matveev of Russia, Antonio Ángel Morilla Ríos of Spain, Ariel Becerra Pérez from Cuba, Peter Lakati of Hungary, Erhard Lauber of Germany, Abdel Karim Ahmad Ali Al-Mabrouk of Lebanon, Noura Toubal from Algeria, Xue Fei and Lin Shan, both from China, Barry Ismaila of Sierra Leone, Boumechaal Farid from Algeria, Carlo Prelz of the Netherlands, Habib Ur Rehman of Pakistan, Christer Brunstrom from Sweden, Mogire Machuki of Kenya, and Stephen War from Cameroon, all 5 listeners of the English language programs.

10 first prizes went to:

Gian Luca del Marco of Italy, Romanian born Vasile Constantinescu from Canada, Martin Rogan of Great Britian who gave detailed answers in the Romanian language, Nikolai Loghinov of Russia, David Iurescia from Argentina, Abdelrahim Ait Awad pf Morrocco, Nada Mohd Abdelkader of Egypt, Bai Huijun from China, François Jaby from France and Chinmoy Mahato from India.

15 special prizes were awarded to:

Zdravka Sebastijanovic of Serbia, Steve Cherry and Weldon Walles, both from the US, Alyn Scott of Great Britain, our co-national Maria Costaş from Ukraine, Valter Bruno of Italy, our conational Narcisa Gabriela Bolbos from the US, Valeri Lugovski of Belarus, a listener of the Russian language programs, Juan Franco Crespo and Emilio Sahuquillo Dobon, both from Spain, Burkhard Müller of Germany, Mohamad Al-Sayed Abderrahim of Egipt, Wu Chunyan and Liu Ripu, both from China and Renaud Didice of France.

The 2 Grand Prizes went to:

Igor Kanevski and his wife Irina Goncearova from Harkov, Ukraine. 

(Source : Radio Romania International)

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