Saturday, May 26, 2012

Radio New Zeland wants your photo!

Radio New Zealand welcomes listeners' pictures to feature on this website.

We want to represent the diversity of our audience by including a variety of ages, cultural backgrounds, lifestyles and geographic locations.

Photos can be from anywhere in the world — internet and podcast only listeners are welcome to submit photos.

How to submit a photo

1. Take the photo (or choose one you already have). The subject of the photo must listen to Radio New Zealand National, Radio New Zealand Concert or Radio New Zealand International. Please send digital photos. High resolution scans are also OK.
2. Use a high resolution setting on your camera, preferably higher than four megapixels. Please send photos that are sharp, in focus and in colour.
3. Photos of people doing things work well, and don't always have to show their face. Fun is good. Holiday locations are great. Have a look at the current photos for inspiration.
4. Feel free to send a few photos through for us to choose from.
5. Get the subject of the photo to sign the model release form.
6. Email your photo and  to with the word "Photo" in the subject line, and include your full name, address and phone number.

The fine print

1. The subject of any photo must sign a release form. This is really important. A parent or guardian must sign for photographs of children.
2. Radio New Zealand may crop and process the photo for presentation on the site.
3. You retain copyright in the photo, however you agree to license use of the image to Radio New Zealand for use on the website for a period of one year from the date we first use the image. Photos may also appear in other Radio New Zealand publications, for example our Annual Report, as part of a screen capture of the website.
4. No fee is payable to photographer or model.
5. Radio New Zealand reserves the sole right to select or reject photographs submitted.
6. By submitting a photo you agree to these terms.

(Source : Radio New Zealand)

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