Friday, June 29, 2012

Digital radio is now making waves

Roberts Colour Stream.
The hoopla has settled and these new radios are starting to live up to their promise.

DIGITAL radio is finally starting to emerge as a viable choice. For some time the digital-radio lobby had been telling us that consumers were flocking to the format, but their sales figures were inflated somewhat by lots of music systems that had a digital tuner built in. It was a genuine sale but it was not something the consumer had gone out looking for. Call it a default purchase.

But now, with its superior audio qualities and in most cases greater ease of operation, digital is becoming a proposition. It is not just because prices have plummeted from their ridiculous levels at launch, where a similarly specified analog radio could be had for one-tenth the price. Plenty of radios are now genuinely capable of doing justice to the superior sound quality of the format.

At first, most of the digitals were offered with small, cheap speakers that sounded no better on digital than they did on FM. Now, you can hear the improvement - or you can with radios above the $100 mark.

(Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

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