Wednesday, June 13, 2012

EBU's bid to administrate the Top Level Domain names .eurovision and .radio is formally underway

The EBU's bid to administrate the Top Level Domain (TDL) names .eurovision and .radio is formally underway.

.Radio will be operated in cooperation with the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) and other relevant associations while .eurovision will be operated on behalf of EBU Members.

At midnight, Coordinated Universal Time, on May 30, the EBU activated the electronic application that if successful, will enable the EBU to build communities around the .radio and .eurovision Top Level Domain names.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) will now begin the lengthy process of selecting the successful applicant; the number of competitors has not been disclosed.

Currently 21 TLDs are in use,  including .com, .org and .net, as well as national TLDs, such as .ch, .fr and .de. In time however, every name or combination of letters in a range of fonts and characters – including Cyrillic, Chinese, Thai or Arabic – could potentially become Top Level Domain names.

The Eurovision Song Contest, watched by more than 100 million viewers around Europe, is the EBU's most recognized brand and already protected by a number of international patents.

EBU administration of .eurovision could create further communities around the sports media rights industry, the news community and more.

On March 29, the EBU announced it would try for the important .radio TLD, which Director General Ingrid Deltenre described as  'a one-time opportunity to communitize the world's oldest broadcasting medium as never before.'

(Source : European Broadcasting Union)

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