Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BBC Radio 5 live olympics extra launches

The BBC’s temporary digital station to cover the Olympics has launched this morning across the UK.

BBC Radio 5 live olympics extra is using capacity on the BBC’s national multiplex, made available by reducing the quality of sister stations including BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4.

The station is on-air till August 13th from the Olympic Park, with live coverage and highlights. It’s in addition to BBC Radio 5 live sports extra, which is concentrating on cricket coverage. Ian Payne and Anna Foster will host the action which will supplement the coverage on Radio 5 live.

In agreeing to the station, the BBC Trust said “Radio Five Live will continue to offer a mix of news and sport (including the Olympics). Five Live Sports Extra will broadcast live coverage of the Olympics, except when test match cricket takes place – two matches are expected during this time. The temporary station is projected to have a service licence budget of around £200,000.

“The BBC will schedule Olympics coverage on the temporary radio service in preference to Five Live Sports Extra as it will be dedicated to this event and not be used for any other events during this period. Taking Five Live’s regular audience share of just under 5% and Five Live Sports Extra’s share of around 0.2% into account, we would expect the temporary service to attract well under 1% of listening, even at peak times. We would expect it to attract listeners primarily from Five Live and Five Live Sports Extra, rather than taking listening share from any BBC or commercial services which do not cover sports.”

(Source : Radio Today, UK)

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