Monday, July 30, 2012

EBU Responds to BRS Media Inc.'s Letter about dot-radio application

By Alexis Hauk

On July 30, the European Broadcasting Union responded to a request from Radio World about its reaction to dot-radio application rival BRS Media Inc.'s request that it withdraw from the running (more on that here). An EBU communications officer released this statement:

"In the interests of the global community represented by the nine World Broadcasting Unions (WBU), the EBU, like many other international organizations, has joined the GAC with observer status. This role does not bestow any voting rights upon the EBU.

"With the full support of the WBU, the EBU submitted an application to be able to create the dot radio community. The EBU would ensure that the dot radio gTLD serves the broader interests of the medium of Radio as a whole, and those of its listeners, and not the commercial interests of a select few.

"ICANN will make a decision according to the principles set out in its Applicants Guidebook, and the EBU will let that process run its course."

Alexis Hauk is associate editor at Radio World.

(Source : Radio World)

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