Sunday, July 29, 2012

FM radio station launched in southern Ethiopia

Sodo, 24 June: An FM radio 99.9 station established by the Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) at Wolita Sodo town of South Ethiopia Peoples State [Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' State, in southern Ethiopia] at a cost of 8m birr goes on air.

Speaking at the inauguration on Saturday [23 June], The state communication affairs office head, Husayn Nuredin, said government policy and strategy enables private and public media to play significant role in accessing information to the public. He said the station would serve as forum for the realization of the renaissance of the nation for the public and executive at all levels.

The station would play remarkable role in the fight against rent seeking mentality in urban areas, he said.

The Ethiopian Broadcast Authority director-general, Desta Tesfaw, said government is pursuing expansion of mass media. To this effect, community radios are expanding and results have been achieved, he said.

FBC Chief Executive Officer Woldu Ymesel, on his part, said the station is a ninth one across the country. He said the station would contribute in the effort to speed up development and to ensure good governance and democracy in the country.

(Source: ENA website, Addis Ababa, in English 24 Jun 12 via Ethio Somali)

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