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Germany: One Year Digital Radio - Dynamic development in the handset market, increasing program diversity

(Baden-Baden, July 25, 2012) One year after opening of the nationwide digital radio market participants and project partners to develop as an extremely positive. The positive mood underscore not only the most recent analysis Bavarian Radio 2012 with a detailed investigation using digital radio, the media analysis, radio II in 2012 and the positive response of the individual program provider. Also on the equipment market, has developed a momentum that spurred the trend for digital radio. On a year ago, 1 August 2011, launched the first nationwide digital radio   Offer, then consisting of three public and nine private Programs.

In subsequent months, the country's broadcasters ARD their digital radio programs broadcast in the areas to be activated, a total of more than 60 deals between North Sea and the Alps. And the variety of programs grows from week to week. Thus, in some provinces nationwide, regional and local private programs to come. In Munich, as can some 40 radio stations via digital radio can be received in Leipzig on 20 and Stuttgart in about 25 programs.

While there were a year ago, around 120 different device models, the listener  choose today between about 160 different digital radio equipment in all price categories. Parallel to the dynamic development in the equipment market and the network is spreading out more and more. The signals from terrestrial transmitters can be received by about 3/4 of the population and in about 4/5 the size of Germany.

Radio analysis Bavaria in 2012 attests to the digital radio programs in Bavaria shortly  after the DAB + launch a "respectable audience." According to the study of the Bavarian Media Authority (BLM) scored the digital radio in the course of an average 2-week period, a reach of 800,000 listeners in Bavaria.

"On appealing content and applications, it is also to continue," said Michael Reichert, director of the Project Office Digital Radio. "We have learned to subordinate the programming aspects of the technology added value." Also, the dealer must now go about to "sell appliances with new non-technical distribution channel, but utterly modern radios that receive programs in many ways - at best, just on FM, DAB and the Internet."

Christopher Kruse, CEO of Digital Regiocast, sees the path of  90elf confirmed. "The response from our listeners, the great possibilities of the technology others at our station 90elf and rising sales of digital radio sets are the factual evidence of the acceptance of the new distribution path. We are proud of what we have achieved together with all partners in the first 12 months and are pleased to help develop in the years to DAB + radio to a central distribution channel. For a special-interest channels such as 90elf, Germany's football radio, digital radio is an integral part of the business model and the multi-platform strategy of the sender. "

The state broadcasters ARD will accelerate in the coming months, their market communication on digital radio on. "With a wide-ranging information campaign in the coming months we are planning the awareness of our digitally increase over antenna broadcast channels significantly and also want to make you curious also to the enhanced digital options for use of our services," announces the Digital Radio Co-ordinator of the ARD, Joachim Kraus on. The state broadcasters, says Kraus would continue, not least use their wide-reaching programs to achieve their goal.

Digital radio and hands-on experience
Digital radio will be presented at the IFA (31.08.-09.05.2012) located in various areas  be, especially at the state of the ARD in Germany and Radio in Hall 2.2, as well as numerous articles on equipment manufacturers. Schwerpunkttag for Digital Radio is the third September 2012 with the event, "Digital Radio 2012/2013".

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