Thursday, August 09, 2012

Battle for Dot-Radio: Part II

By  Alexis Hauk
George Bundy is the CEO of BRS Media Inc., a San Francisco based multimedia e-commerce company that targets radio and the Internet, and one of the four applicants for the dot-radio domain. In 2011, the company was cited by Inc. Magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies.

An early pioneer in the domain space movement, BRS Media launched the dot-FM and dot-AM Top Level Domains at the turn of the millennium, the predominant accomplishment that Bundy believes qualifies BRS over the other applicants for this task.

This is the second part in a series about the complex decision of who will manage dot-radio. To read last week’s feature on EBU, go here.

Below are Bundy’s answers from a July 5 phone interview with Radio World, followed by responses to questions from Radio World sent this week in an email by Bundy. Interviews have been edited for grammar and length.

July 5

Why have you applied for this registry?
I think the motivation for us has been the experience we’ve had … We really know what the market wants. It was a great opportunity to expand that reach.

Why should radio organizations care about this change?
Number one, the entire landscape of the Internet is going to be dramatically overhauled and changed. There (will be) possibly 1,000 new extensions, even branded ones like Google, CBS, ABC. So you will see more specific domains coming out of the market.

The radio extension will be more focused on the advertising tools … building, developing more content … Dot-radio will let [radio stations] expand in the local market. Why should they give that up for Pandora?

Why should ICANN pick your application over the others?
We have what we contend to be an awful lot of experience dealing with industry-specific domain names. Many of these extensions are going to crash and burn. You open the floodgate and many will not succeed. That’s a difficult challenge because, if it does, how do you manage it accordingly?

Afilias has applied for (many different domains). The fact is, they care no more about radio than they do the color pink. We only applied for the one, again because that’s been our focus for the past 15 years … well before anyone understood what the domains were, we had a booth at the NAB and we tried to sell people on the domain names. We didn’t get anyone interested then, because it was obviously well before its time.

(Source : Radio World)

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