Saturday, August 04, 2012

Namibia: Frist German language private radio station 'Hitradio Namibia' launched

Hitradio Namibia, the first private radio station broadcasting in the German language, launched this week. The station is focusing on information and music and can be heard at the central coast on 07.5FM and in the Namibian interior on 99.5FM.

"Allthough small in numbers, this population group has the financial means to support and purchase the products and services of our advertising partners", said the CEO of Hitradio Namibia, Wilfried Hähner. He thanked everybody involved, adding: "So many people showed a lot of goodwill and it is impossible to name them all here. Thank you very much for everything you did and we know, that we can also build on your support in the future".

The station has its own Facebook page (Hitradio Namibia) and its own website (

"If you have a look at our facebook page, you find many Germans, living in Germany, who like our page. Many of them have been here before as visitors and they have a special place for Namibia in their heart. As Hitradio Namibia is also broadcasting via internet livestream, this station can be a very important marketing tool for Namibia, for the tourism sector and for the business world", said Sybille Rothkegel, the Financial Manager of Hitradio Namibia.

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