Friday, August 24, 2012

Nigeria: The National Orientation Agency to Float Radio Station

The National Orientation Agency will soon float a radio station to reach people directly, NOA Director Human Resources, David Manya Dogo, has said.

The Director, who made the remark in an interview after the launching of Consumer Protection Council's ProServe program, said the "we already have (the radio station) today in Abuja. We are doing test transmission."

"You know the advantage of having a radio station. We can do awareness. We can promote national values and ethics."

Asked whether the new station would not be a duplication of media, the Director said "the more the merrier."
"Beyond that also what we are trying to do is to encourage the communities to establish their own community radio. You can imagine if in a local government if you have as many communities having their radio stations, you see, it is very easy to communicate with the people at that level. So, if we have a lot of these community radios, we shall be closing the communication gap between the people and even the government."

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