Sunday, August 26, 2012

Radio Bulgaria on the social networks

In the new millennium the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and various forums and blogs have developed rapidly and have increased their influence immeasurably. People use such networks as they communicate with friends, make new friends, look for jobs and self-organize.

Radio Bulgaria has had its website operational since 2004. And now the foreign language programs have Facebook accounts each. We have to turn our community of listeners and readers into people who talk and share ideas, and to take care of this community consistently, contends PR expert Associate Prof. Desislava Boshnakova. 

“What distinguishes social networks is the conversation, the exchange replacing the one-way communication, the release of messages where feedback is not crucial", Boshnakova explains. "The idea of the new technology allowing for two-way communication is not simply the exchange of information, but communication proper. In this process what matters is not the number of people involved but rather the level and quality of communication. What matters is to create keen interest in a certain website, and make users comment first, get involved, and later on share some content with their circle of friends. In this way you will have more users, however not ones added automatically, but people who care for what you do, and really enjoy your content.”

Radio Bulgaria has a long tradition of communication with its audience through letters, phone calls and emails. Now Facebook has considerably facilitated the enriched the process.

The good thing is that the listeners and the members of our group on Facebook discuss the content and in this way help us improve the way we approach topics and formats, explains Anna Kapitanova from the Albanian Language Section.

“Thanks to our Facebook page we came to know that Albanian climbers had successfully climbed Everest. We immediately contacted the climbers’ camp and took an interview. They provided us with photos and detailed information. In this way we were among the first media outlets to cover this event.” 
(Source : Radio Bulgaria)

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