Saturday, August 04, 2012

Radio India now using AudioNow to unite the South East Asian Community throughout the U.S.

The Vancouver based station Radio India, broadcasting to the South East Asian community in North America, has joined AudioNow® to add an additional platform for the station’s ever growing audience. Radio India listeners may access this unique call-to-listen platform by dialing 213.493.0159 on any mobile phone.

"Many of our listeners lose our radio signal while driving in and out of town so a partnership with AudioNow was perfect for enabling them to continue listening to our station,” said Carl Moxie, Producer and Host of Wake Up Radio. “My media colleagues introduced me to AudioNow. I think the cost and service is very good. I recommend AudioNow!” “As a technology company, AudioNow prides itself on providing a platform that allows listeners to access the content they desire, anywhere they want,” notes AudioNow’s Chief Technology Officer, Marcel Barbulescu. “Radio India is a strong addition to AudioNow as they are committed to serving their audience in any way the can. Radio India understands how important it is to provide a service that allows their listeners to access Radio India anywhere at anytime”.

Radio India provides information for the South East Asia Community throughout North America. Their comprehensive service includes news updates, daily talk shows, an array of music, and public service announcements in four languages. Radio India’s dedication to philanthropy has helped change lives around the world. The have served as a donation/collection host for grief-stricken peoples around the world who have suffered either from natural events--such as the earthquake in Haiti or the floods in Pakistan--to global causes like hunger and poor health.

AudioNow is the leading provider of mobile phone broadcast radio distribution in the country. It uses proprietary, “HD” voice design and patent-pending technology that allows any fixed or mobile phone to access live audio programming without any downloads across all mobile platforms. Visit to learn more and register.

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