Thursday, August 09, 2012

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Hercegovina: Steady Growth for Radio Stari Grad

Senka Kurt, RSG Radio program editor-in-chief, left, with guest Jovan Divjak
by Tayfun Kesgin
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Hercegovina — From rags to riches.
This is the story of Radio Stari Grad, one of the country’s first private radio stations, which launched in February 1993 in the midst of a war that was characterized by bitter fighting and ethnic cleansing.

In its early days the station expended a signal that could barely reach beyond the borders of the capital Sarajevo. It is now an accomplished nationwide broadcaster, covering this heart-shaped country from north to south, east to west.
As one of the most recognizable radio brands in the country today, the RSG Group prides itself on being the only privately owned radio broadcaster in Bosnia and Hercegovina with two individual radio stations: RSG 1 Sarajevo and RSG Radio.
When it began, the group’s single station exclusively targeted the citizens of the Sarajevo Canton. But in April 1999 the group decided to take a giant step forward and opened a second station. RSG changed its name to RSG 1 Sarajevo and continued to broadcast to the Sarajevo area at 90.9 on the FM dial. Newcomer sister station RSG Radio then began broadcasting to the rest of the country.

Listeners can tune in to RSG Radio at 104.3 in Sarajevo and the surrounding areas of Mostar, Čapljina, Bugojno, Tuzla, Travnik and Goražde. They can also listen to RSG Radio at 97.5 in Zenica; 88.4 in Bihać, 87.7 in Trebinje; and 92.6 in Neum.
A total of 13 transmitters carry the signals of both stations, with the strongest transmitter located on top of Mount Bjelašnica (2,067 meters above sea level). The transmitters cover the Sarajevo Canton, Srednjebosanska (central-Bosnia), the Hercegovačko-neretvansko Canton, the Zeničko-dobojsko Canton and even parts of Southeast Bosnia in the Republic of Srpska.
“The only city where our signal cannot be picked up is Banjaluka in the north of the country,” said Adis Kadrić, RSG Group CEO.
As regards the difference between the two stations, Kadrić explains that RSG 1 Sarajevo targets 18- to 49-year-olds, while RSG Radio targets those 35 to 60.

(Source : Radio World)

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