Monday, August 13, 2012

Science Night returns to BBC Radio 5 live

Following the huge success of BBC Radio 5 live’s inaugural Science Night last December, the station is delighted to announce that Cambridge University’s Dr Chris Smith and his fellow ‘Naked Scientists’ will return to present Science Night 2 on Sunday 19 August from 7.00pm.

Crammed full of all the latest news and developments from the world of science, the three-hour programme will be broken down into a Brain Hour, a Space Hour and a Tech Hour and will feature some of the world’s leading scientists.

Brain Hour
Dr Chris speaks to Professor Ruth Ross who has been pioneering research into the effects of cannabis on the brain including why some of the newer versions of the drug, the so-called ‘super-skunk’, cause psychosis. Plus, UCL brain expert, Professor Eleanor Maguire explains her discovery into how London taxi drivers adapt their brains to pass the Knowledge; and Oxford University’s ‘Clock-Doc’, Russell Foster, will be talking about how the body clock ticks, why night-workers are at increased risk of developing diseases like cancer and diabetes, and why we get jet-lag.

(Source: BBC Media Centre)

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