Friday, September 07, 2012

RNW launches vote compass in Venezuela

Radio Netherlands Worldwide has launched a vote compass for Venezuela’s upcoming presidential election. ‘La Brújula Presidencial 2012’is an online tool that helps voters clarify their choice in a profoundly polarised society.

On the vote compass website, visitors are presented with 30 statements about various political, social and economic topics. After filling in the responses, the voter is advised which candidate best matches his or her preferences.

Professor Gabriel Reyes, at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, explained at Thursday’s launch that the project aims to help voters who are undecided or voters who want to check if their choice best matches their own views.

The Vote Compass has been developed by André Krouwel, political scientist and professor at the Free University of Amsterdam. In partnership with RNW he has previously launched similar Compasses in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt and this is the second time a vote compass has been made available in Latin America. More than 340,000 people completed the Mexican Vote Compass earlier this year.

The Vote Compass has been used in more than 45 elections around the world. Venezuela’s voters can access their version via the internet sites of MSN Venezuela, newspapers Últimas Noticias, El Diario de Guayana, El Nacional, radio station Fe y Alegría, and the Spanish site of Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

(Source : Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

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