Friday, November 23, 2012

Deutsche Welle accuses Voice of Russia of manipulating Romanian parliament

The Voice of Russia radio, one of the largest and oldest foreign-language broadcasters in the world, has once again experienced attacks coming from Europe. This time it was Germany’s state-run Deutsche Welle radio that accused the Voice of Russia of making Romania a “banana republic” and disintegrating the basics of a legal state in the country, as well as attempting to distance Romania from Berlin and Brussels.

The German radio claims that the Voice of Russia is manipulating Romanian MPs and is turning the country into a Russian colony. The Russian broadcaster is also accused of masterminding a strategy to affect the Romanian parliament to change the country’s Constitution “in line with the Voice of Russia wishes”.
Earlier, Romania’s’ President Traian Basescu stated that the country’s opposition, media and analysts are carrying out orders transmitted via the Voice of Russia instead of listening to the Western media.

DW accusations are another link in a series of attacks on the Russian radio which broadcasts on air and online in 37 languages. According to the Voice of Russia it has recently suffered a series of attacks –beginning from diplomatic and administrative pressure to hacking attacks on its partners’ sites in Europe.
The Voice of Russia has forwarded a letter to DW offering a thorough discussion on the matter to exchange opinions and information.

Earlier, Romanian President was given an opportunity to speak out on the VoR air and website.

(Source : Voice of Russia)

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