Friday, November 16, 2012

KeyStone is Launching New High-Performance & Low-Cost FM/DAB Single-Chip to Realize Digital Radio at £19.9

KeyStone Semiconductor Corp. (KeyStone), a fabless semiconductor developer of advanced digital radio technology announces today that it enters mass production of its third-generation series of single-chip FM/DAB/DAB+ receiver ICs. The new digital radio chips employ advanced semiconductor process not only to reduce the chip manufacturing cost but also to cut power consumption. The new generation FM/DAB/DAB+ single-chip achieves DAB/DAB+ sensitivity better than -102 dBm with a super low-power consumption at 120 mW, which saves more than twice of the power consumption than its competitors. New on-chip RF tuners further improve adjacent-channel rejection exceeding DRUK's automotive ACS requirements. 

KSW8088CS is an improved new design that supports both analogue FM and digital audio broadcasting (DAB) reception. Like its prior two generations, KSW8088CS also fully integrates triple-band RF tuner, demodulators, audio decoders, micro controller, flash memory, etc. onto a single-chip leaving no expensive components on the modules. Thanks to the employment of advanced semiconductor process and novel RF tuner design, KSW8088CS is able to reduce its manufacturing cost to meet low-entry-price digital radio market demands. At USD 4.0 per chip, factories will be able to produce digital radios priced under £19.9 to facilitate the population of DAB in the UK market.

KeyStone is WorldDMB and Bluetooth SIG members. Its FM/DAB/DAB+ modules are certified by Apple MFi programs. Products employing KeyStone DAB/DAB+ modules and Bluetooth Radio Wizard (BRW) technology are available at Apple Store. Samples and demo units are available for ordering. For more information on KeyStone’s digital radio single-chip modules and BRW technology, please contact KeyStone at

(Source : PR Web via WorldDMB)

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