Sunday, January 27, 2013

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: The Air Group announces that its Pura Vida station extends the entire Cibao region

This February 4, 2013 will be the official launch of Pura Vida Cibao 967 FM, 96.7 on the dial, for all the country's north. Pura Vida FM 929, is the first station in the Dominican Republic and in the world that has managed to reach all audiences and unite in harmony to evangelicals, Catholics and secularists and religious barriers breaking satisfy everyone's taste with a Christocentric character.
"The station of all," positioned within the first stations in the country more attuned poll after poll, decides to expand now to Cibao.

Jossie Esteban, now known as the "man of joy", indicates that with the opening of Pura Vida FM 967, continue to expand the Kingdom of God throughout the Cibao region, which will contribute to the consolidation of Dominican society.
Pura Vida FM 967 will retain its slogan "Without Limits" with a musical, of all genres, aimed at men and women of all ages, and families in general. His "talk shows" like flashes of Women, Let's talk man to man, Pure Stack, The Show of Love, Code 3 * 16 and Urban Radioshow will also broadcast, various interesting sections, and audience interaction, animation best announcers and personalities of the country.
Pura Vida's mission is to build 967 FM, educate, promote the values ​​promoted by the word of God, a healthy and entertaining results. 

(Source: The New via Grupo Radioescucha Argentino Blog) (Translated by Google Translator)

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