Thursday, January 24, 2013

Germany: Better service on

Better service on - New device configurator facilitates orientation in choosing digital radio devices


The variety of digital radio devices in recent months in Germany become bigger and bigger. Alone on the website already has more than 230 different devices are discoverable, of fidelity and dual gauges on small portable radios to car radios and phone adapters. The appropriate personal radio can now be selected using a device configurator, which can be used immediately on the website. Different filters for device classes facilitate the rapid selection.  


Especially handy is the combination with other filters, which refines the search. Using various equipment criteria of radio sets - such as evidence and rewind functions, recording function, the presence of a touch screen or a alarm clock feature - the search can be adjusted to suit personal preferences. In addition, other criteria can be selected as the connectivity of the devices (such as Bluetooth, WiFi or smartphone dock) or certain energy properties. Finally, users can also search out radio devices that offer additional services in text and images. expands service continues: In December 2012, more than a quarter million people and learned more than 120,000 page views on the possible range of devices. Any manufacturer can make all of its available in Germany digital radio terminals can list on the central information portal. In the coming weeks there will be more changes to Thus, the most well-used reception forecast - for anyone interested in a simple way by entering its postal code can poll all been air digital radio channels - with new functionality. To accommodate the high dynamics of the network expansion bill and reflect the current supply data to authentic, is the basis of data received 2013 forecast is updated four times a year. 

 About the Initiative Digital Radio Germany: The "Initiative Digital Radio Germany" is an amalgamation of ARD, Germany Radio, Digital Radio DRD Germany and the broadcast media. The four project partners coordinate all tasks related to the establishment of digital radio in Germany. The central coordinating body for the initiative is based at radio in Cologne Germany.

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