Monday, January 28, 2013

Germany : MDR Broadcasting is committed to digital radio

The MDR Broadcasting Council has explicitly in its most recent meeting in Leipzig on DAB Digital Radio in the standard known +. With this standard stand a sophisticated method for the digital terrestrial broadcast of radio available. For radio, the future is digital, it is were all broadcasting council members agreed. Broadcasting Council Chairman Horst Saage regretted that the benefits of the new technology had on listeners apparently not yet gotten around enough: "The digital radio has a technically excellent quality, the received signal is very robust, the content offer is greater than the analog distribution platforms, and the supplied Additional information in text and pictures are a real benefit. "

In addition, use the digital radio frequencies at lower transmission power economical and environmentally friendly. It must succeed this year, the digital radio to achieve a breakthrough with the listeners. The Broadcasting therefore appeal to all market participants to engage in the dissemination of appropriate receivers. This also included a commitment to trade to DAB +. Saage: "We need trained staff there who can explain to consumers the benefits of new technology."

Earlier, the chairman of the Radio Committee of MDRRundfunkrats, Bernd Reisener, pointed out that the expansion of the network for reaching in central Germany later this year, a mobile surface to provide 80 percent of the area covered. The Internet is especially problematic because of the radio cells for mobile reception until further no alternative to DAB +. The new LTE lead to any different conclusion.

The MDR widespread today all of his radio program on digital radio and offers a classical MDR exclusively marketed on DAB + Classic Radio. Since the restart of digital radio on 1 August 2011 is the ability to receive the program of the previously popular only in Saxony-Anhalt MDR Sputnik to terrestrial and in the states of Thuringia and Saxony. For MDR Info is with Digital Radio receivability the long term improve in the areas of central Germany that are currently inadequately supplied with FM. 

(Source : radioWOCHE.DE) (Translate by Google Translator)

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