Sunday, January 20, 2013

HAM: Spectrum news from Iceland

The national association of Icelandic Radio Amateurs, Í.R.A., is pleased to announce that as of January 16, 2013 Icelandic Radio Amateurs have been granted operating privileges on 472-479 kHz (630 meters). In addition, The Post and Telecom Administration in Iceland (PTA), recently extended temporary permits as of January 1, 2013 on the following bands: 160 meters (1850-1900 kHz), 60 meters (5.260-5.410 MHz) and on 4 meters (70.000-70.200 MHz).

This allocation is on 472-479 kHz. Access is granted on secondary basis. Maximum power is 5W EIRP and maximum bandwidth is 1 kHz. This new allocation is open to the “G” license class (higher). A previous temporary allocation on 493-510 kHz was closed on December 31, 2012.

The temporary allocation on 1850-1900 kHz has been renewed for the calendar year 2013. Access is granted on secondary basis. This allocation may only be used during the duration of 10 designated international amateur radio contests. Licensees need to apply to the PTA for a special permit, which is open to both license classes.

Read more at IRAU-1

(Source : TF3JB, Jónas Bjarnason via International Amateur Radio Union, Region 1)

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