Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PCJ Relay First Phase Test

The first phase of PCJ’s own relay is completed. There are four phases to be completed until the station will be up and running to full capacity.

Technical Data:
·      1 /20kw
·      1/5kw
·      2/1kw
·      2/curtain type antennas
·      2/horizontal dipole type antennas
·      4/Orban Optimods

On February 16, 2013 we will conduct our first test. It will begin at 1600UTC until 1800UTC. The test will be done using the 2/1kw transmitters. Both will be directed to South East China. One frequency to be directed to Fujian Province and the second frequency directed to  Guangxi Province.

Frequencies for this test will be published closer to the date of transmission. We have been given permission to use out of band frequencies. At the moment we are looking at around 12100 to 12500khz and 11400 to 11500khz. This was decided since these will be running 1kw and to reduce any type of interference it would be better to transmit in this range.

For more information please contact pcj@pcjmedia.com
(Source : PCJ Radio)

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