Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Relay of National news broadcast using FreeDV in SE Australia next Sunday

There is a growing world-wide interest with digital voice communications  on the HF bands. The D-Star equipped systems have been testing as has an  open source solution FreeDV which uses the Open Source CODEC-2 code.

Digital voice allows SSB quality communications in half the bandwidth  and at lower power levels.

The technology is in its infancy but could be the way of the future for HF communications, as always the amateur radio hobby forms the best  platform for innovation and improvement of new technologies.

In order to allow more people to hear FreeDV in action ARNSW (Amateur  Radio New South Wales) has kindly allowed the relay of it's VK2WI transmission, next Sunday, January 6th. (UTC 23:00 - 23:59 5th. January) to be relayed by Ed VK2JI from the Central Coast using the proposed Digital Voice 40m calling frequency of 7.190MHz LSB. Ed will only be running about 25W into a 40m wire loop antenna, so low signal strength tests can take place.

It may be that this will be a world first of a national news bulletin being transmitted using a digital voice mode on the HF bands.

To be able to receive the transmission you will need a PC connected to your transceiver in exactly the same way as a connection to run digital data modes (e.g. PSK31, FSK31, RTTY etc.) and on the PC (either Windows or Linux), you need to install the FreeDV program (which is free to download from where you will also find installation instructions and general information).

If you successfully receive the test transmission or if you have a general interest in Digital Voice on the HF bands, please post a message to the digitalvoice (all one word) google group where all matters FreeDV are discussed.

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(Source : Southgate Aateur Radio News)

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