Monday, January 28, 2013

UK: Licence granted to Kirkcaldy community radio station

KYFM Kirkcaldy community radio team.    

 From left, Colin Johnston, John Murray, Graeme Logan

The airwaves over Kirkcaldy will soon be ringing with some new voices after community radio station KYFM was given the go ahead last week. 

Broadcasting regulator Ofcom announced that it would grant an FM licence for the programme for the next five years. 

KYFM is the brainchild of three local radio enthusiasts - John Murray, Colin Johnston and Graeme Logan.
Together they have a wealth of experience behind them in commercial, community and hospital radio. 

John said: “It all started back in 2011. It was announced that Ofcom were going to have a new round of applications for community radio licences, so we thought ‘Lets have community radio in Fife’. “

Now, close to one year later, the trio can get to work on creating a community hub specially made for Kirkcaldy and the surrounding areas.

(Source : Fife Today, UK)

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