Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Austin, USA: KOOP radio celebrates 18th birthday

Your News Now (YNN) Austin report: Volunteer-run KOOP Radio celebrated its 18th birthday this weekend. 

The not-for-profit station held a concert and silent auction Saturday to help keep donations flowing and to keep its eclectic programming on air for Austinites. 

Some well-known country music singers and songwriters helped marked the occasion including Johnny Bush who wrote the honky-tonk favorite "Whiskey River."

Also performing were Grammy Award winners Sarah Fox and Joel Guzman.

People who work with the station say KOOP brings a true alternative radio source for Austinites.
"This is a true grassroots station where each programmer selects their own playlist, no one tells anyone what to play," Ted Smouse, KOOP radio host, said.

KOOP is a community-owned and community-operated public radio station and has been broadcasting at 91.7 FM since 1994.

(Source: Your News Now (YNN) Austin via SCOOPWEB)

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