Thursday, February 07, 2013

Five new CubeSats hope for 2013 launch

ibration testing of the Vietnamese PicoDragon CubeSat – Image Credit VNSC
Five new CubeSats being developed in Taiwan, Vietnam and the United States are hoping to fly during 2013.

Taiwan – PACE

PACE is the first nanosatellite developed the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) of Taiwan and has the objective to provide a platform for attitude control experiments in space.

Several common types of attitude sensors and actuators have been developed from scratch for implementation into this miniature satellite to allow the evaluation of different attitude determination and control methods for nanosatellites in space. The attitude flight software can be updated from ground to adjust parameters or even upload an entirely different control strategy.

The data obtained from this mission shall be used to improve simulation models for nanosatellites in low-earth orbit and to verify the newly developed satellite in space. The PACE satellite is developed in an educational framework and part of its objective is therefore to educate students and to promote space technology and its use to the public.

The team encourage and anticipate the involvement of students and radio amateurs in the mission, such as beacon and data reception and interpretation.

(Source : AMSAT-UK)

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