Monday, February 11, 2013

[Germany] Radio in Color: radio B2 poster campaign "FINALLY HITS GERMAN!"

B2 radio brings a new color to the radio and this is also reflected on the streets of Berlin.

FINALLY HITS GERMAN! The new posters are presented in bright colors - fits the following spring. The campaign will be widely available across the three motifs in Berlin and will be on more than 1,000 billboards (CLP, D-CLB) present in the capital. Ads added flanking come in all major newspapers in Berlin and Brandenburg. There are also numerous media cooperation.

radio B2 Manager Oliver Dunk: "Radio B2 is waiting a new color in the Berlin-Brandenburg radio market to the many. German pop music is on the rise, we want to be the first choice for the listener. "

Supported the campaign by the big action "Thanks for change" is. In this form of referral marketing can B2 radio listeners with a little luck win a shopping voucher worth Euro 106.0.

(Source: radioWOCHE.DE)(Translated by Google translator)

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