Monday, February 11, 2013

[Germany] Relaunch: 95.8 Mallorca - The Island Radio features a new sound design

On 1 August 1996 sent the island for the first time on radio frequency 95.8. Today the station is fixed with a 24-hour full program part of the Balearic media landscape. CEO Daniel Vulic and his team of dedicated editors, presenters and reporters provide around the clock for the highest quality.

By any other medium in Mallorca listeners are informed as quickly in German news from Mallorca, Germany and the world. The island of Majorca 95.8 Radio for 86.7 percent of Germans in Mallorca's favorite stations. About 84 percent listen to daily, at a quarter of the island radio listeners runs for six hours per day. These are just some of the results of a survey that was carried out under the island radio Germans in Mallorca.

New Sound Design
Provides for the development of acoustic with today's 11th 2013 February a new jingle package. Produced and directed by proFMmedia and their CEO Markus Gilg, who has served for over 10 years, the way of the island stations. Responsible for production and composition of the underlying music was by Michael Krüger SONIC MOTION. One thing is clear: The new island radio sound design it is not production "off the shelf", but one of the particular circumstances of Mallorca 95.8 tailored, new production. "What is important to us, especially to sound more authentic and our listeners so much more to offer island feeling was." Daniel Vulic, CEO of the transmitter.

New station Voice of Mallorca 95.8 is the renowned spokesman Patrick Linke, known as the voice of RTL and many popular TV shows and commercials. "For me, Mallorca is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Since I myself am a regular there and the island radio have always turned on, it makes me proud, with my voice to be a part of this very special radio station. "Says Linke.

The news from Germany and the world come to Mallorca 95.8 - The island radio immediately from the house Regiocast. With a customized, modern format they stand for individuality and editorial claim.

Look for a new acoustic includes a Spanish claim: "Viva la Vida". Together with the German wording "The island in the ear" is clear: it is about Mallorca, joy of life and the connection between German and Majorcan culture.

Ahead of the long-planed relaunch was already the radio building on the Paseo Marítimo renovated and the broadcast studio with the latest software and digital technology.

Update for
But not only on air, on the World Wide Web is the island radio on the latest technology: more information at a glance, much improved functionality and multimedia capabilities of the latest generation make surfing on more comfortable and user friendly. 

(Source: radioWOCHE.DE)(Translated by Google Translator)

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