Saturday, February 16, 2013

Germany : RMS and ASA integrate web radio on radio Xpert

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The established mass medium of radio has reinvented itself in the digital world once again. The versatile range from the familiar FM brands through online radio stations with special music offers to personalized audio platforms. This digital audio offerings provide increasingly attractive environments and innovative advertising opportunities. Therefore extend more and more agencies and clients traditional radio campaigns to web radio. This development, the two marketers ARD advertising SALES & SERVICES RMS and now carry in their media planning software radio Xpert account and integrate the first web radio offers in the planning tool.

The continuous development of the proven tools is RMS and AS & S operated for years in close cooperation with agency representatives to radio Xpert precisely tailored to the needs of the daily planner work out. Radio Xpert is now used as a platform for exchange between users and marketers: The focus is only on the optimization of handling strategic solutions for media planning in the heart of the discussion. Deliveries of the new version is expected by the end of February 2013.

Enhanced planning capabilities to Web radio
Radio Xpert 5.0 delivers the advanced version for agencies the ability to plan campaigns in web radio. This requires on the part of the radios is a rate card based on prices of seconds per hour for the calculation of spot circuits as they are also common in the FM radio. First customer of the marketer's web radio audi mark. 

(Source: radioWOCHE.DE) (Translated by Google Translator)

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