Friday, February 15, 2013

"Lifestream" for podcasts: starts

If you missed the broadcasts of an international foreign service or would like to hear it again, the previously frequently attacked for "Library of International Radio", the podcasting portal Now, the radio home of Euskirchen eV powered online platform has been revised and under the name "" restarted.
Furthermore, the portal over 30 podcasts of international radio stations, provides in German and English, including RAE Buenos Aires, Radio Bulgaria, China Radio International, Radio Vatican, but also small program providers as well sending in German Radio ZP-30 from Paraguay or the English Shipments of Switzerland in sound from Switzerland. "Many international radio stations daily produce very interesting and worth listening to programs," said the creators of the website, which is operated almost entirely voluntary and without financial support. "Our wish is to bring all these items in one place, so you can access it without great technical effort and maybe people are made aware of who does not deal with the issue of international radio broadcasting so far, so its easy and straightforward different opinions can learn about current issues and explore foreign cultures, "explains Christian Milling, chairman of the Broadcasting House Euskirchen eV. Since the restart of the website and all shortwave frequencies and receiving alternative ways of participating stations are found, also have direct links to the contact details of the editorial added.
Although it is often about death or even death of the international broadcasting is mentioned, seems the interest in these programs entirely given. "Every month approximately 1.7 million MB of data from the platform are transmitted to the listeners that are around 31,000 hours of programming. Quite a good number for the occasional totgeredeten foreign radio, "says the small team of the project. One of the most popular stations among others, the shows are in German, Radio Prague and Radio Slovakia International. But even with world-shaking events would target specific channel, related to the entsprachenden country or region in connection demand.
The offer will be further extended. Sun in contact with various broadcasters around the world, in order to offer their programs and highlight particularly noteworthy programs on the Home and in the social networks can. Already in the coming weeks, the portfolio is complemented and a mobile website can be established.
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