Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ohio, USA: The Online Radio Industry and Its Dilemma

I get regular calls from internet station owners asking if I know of any company that can help them sell advertising. The answer is no. In part, it's due to coordinating the internet radio industry to standardize procedures. As described here dozens of times, it's like herding cats.

There are so many thousands of stations, so many operators with their own magic formula. Many are doing what they believe isn't being done by the broadcast radio industry - which makes what they do correct.

We all know commercial radio is homogenized, voice-tracked, losing local content, and playing a short list of songs in such high repetition that those who follow the industry closely upchuck at hearing another Taylor Swift song. What's not being considered is that the broadcast radio industry is on a short list of stations on a radio dial, confined by geographics. More importantly, it plays to gather the largest audience possible - which it then sells by CPM (cost-per-thousands).

(Source:  Audio Graphics, Ohio, USA via RadioInfo.com.au)

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