Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pulheim, Cologne, Germany: News service N-AUDIO provides news and weather broadcast ready format

The nano-Comp GmbH offers news service under the name of N-AUDIO local and national radio stations and, now increasingly, even Internet radio to a broadcast-ready format news and weather, and many other categories and formats. In the studio Pulheim (near Cologne) Germany and the world news is reported and produced.

The news service per shipment includes four to five days the latest news from the worlds of politics, business, culture, sports and human interest. Daily interested radio stations receive hourly updated, send finished newscasts, including a daily summary for the night.

Besides the weather, Germany N-audio to a local weather. Both involves predicting, the maximum temperatures in the major cities and the outlook for the coming days.

A motivated and intelligent team of experienced editors / inside and speaker / inside is available around the clock. And the classic editorial and speaker activity illustrates, N-AUDIO a detailed background reports to be a top issue of the day and / or week.

Furthermore, posts and topics are posted in addition to the request sender. Example, there are the headings technology service, car service, and the coveted Blueray / DVD new announcements.

N-AUDIO provides a broadcast-ready FTP audio product that can be incorporated directly into the broadcast automation of radio stations. Individual offers are for intelligence and weather services, as well as contributions and sections are available upon request by e-mail at or by phone at anfrage@n-audio.info 02234-9111-1922.

(Source: radioWOCHE.DE)(Translated by Google Translator)

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