Friday, February 01, 2013

RTÉ Radio 1 relaunches website

RTÉ Radio 1 has relaunched its website with the intention of making content discovery a cinch for users. It's good news for radio listeners eager to listen back to a specific segment on a particular show as itemised content takes centre-stage.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, RTÉ Radio 1's Pat Kenny said: "We are very excited about our new beefed up website, its user friendly where listeners can search for items and contributors that they can listen back to.
"That can be anything from a debate on property tax, to an interview with Hilary Mantel or Salman Rushdie or Catherine Fulvio's favourite pasta recipe. Listeners can also access all our consumer items with Tina Leonard in one place."

Derek Mooney also shared his views on the relaunched website: "I realised the importance of a website in the armoury of communication, in terms of broadcasting, a long time ago.

"On Mooney Goes Wild, we embraced the power of the internet because we were broadcasting to the family. Our programme was for everyone and our content on air and online reflected that.

"There was no other way we could have brought the secret lives of the jackdaws, blackbirds, robins, blue tits and barn owls to the public without the use of the web."

He said: "The new RTÉ website is going to make that even easier for us as its user friendly, simple to navigate and uncluttered. You can find what you're looking for without any stress."

Managing Director of RTÉ Radio, Clare Duignan, added: "Our research demonstrated that over half of those who visit radio websites like to 'listen live'. 

"Of those who prefer to 'listen back', 90% stated that the most important feature for them is to be able to choose an item or topic rather than listen to the whole programme. 

"As our strategy is to ensure we meet audience needs, we took on-board comments from our broad audience base and as a result significantly improved the site's functionality, with an easy-to-navigate site that is more accessible, with searchable topics and items to facilitate those both listening live and listening back to radio programmes. 

"We also paid particular attention to enhanced social media tools to allow content to be readily shared."
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