Monday, February 04, 2013

Singapore: Power 98FM – First Singapore Radio Station to launch Whatsapp Messenger

Singapore, 25 January 2013 – Lifestyle radio station Power 98FM has become the first radio station in Singapore to launch the use of WhatsApp Messenger. Using the mobile application, Power 98FM offers listeners another platform to communicate and interact with the DJs.

Since the station started the use of WhatsApp one week ago, 80 percent of our listeners have switched from sending SMSes to sending free WhatsApp messages to Power 98FM DJs, hitting over 1000 interactions so far.

Listeners are also encouraged to share their lives and activities with the DJs by sending in photos, videos and conversing LIVE with the DJs on shift.

Ms Shareen Wong, Power 98FM Programme Consultant and veteran radio personality, said: “Most Singaporeans who own a smartphone use WhatsApp. While other radio stations charge listeners a fee to SMS the station, the WhatsApp Messenger allows our listeners to interact with us for free. We want our listeners to get personal and join in the conversation anytime, anywhere.”

Power 98FM is also extending the platform for our client’s campaign. We are currently running a Valentine’s Day campaign ‘The Power of Love’ for SEIKO using Whatsapp and responses have been overwhelming.

“I think WhatsApp is a great channel for listeners like myself to interact with the DJs and participate in the station’s contests. I’m definitely loving it!” said Ms Rozanne Yap, 26, a fitness expert.

Sister Station 88.3Jia FM will also be launching the use of WhatsApp Messenger later in January.

“We are very excited to be the first Chinese station to engage our listeners via WhatsApp. Even before the official launch of Jia’s WhatsApp, listeners have already started messaging us, telling us how happy they are to see us on their WhatsApp list, including listeners from overseas. The bond between JIA listeners and the station is even closer than before! “ said Ms Heng Kae In, 88.3Jia FM Assistant Programme Director.

The All-New Power 98 is a lifestyle English radio station with an exciting line-up of radio personalities such as Jamie Yeo, Hubert Tang, Shareen Wong, Mister Young and Elliott Danker.

Since its revamp in March 2012, the station has used social media platforms to reach out to their target audience, i.e. the emerging affluent, PMEB crowd from 25 to 40 years of age. One example would be the Spicy Strip Down Campaign with the morning show crew, Jamie Yeo, Hubert Tang and Sonja Steinmetz, where they stripped down and lay on a bed of chillis at every milestone on Facebook garnering over 15,000 new likes.

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