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Some Scehdules of global celebration on World Radio Day

Second World Radio Day 2013 will be celebrated globally on 13 February 2013. This is really a big event for those who loves radio. It is estimated that almost every country in the world would be celebrated this day. Tens of thousands of radio stations around the world will air at least special program on this event. I have collected some schedule of worldwide celebration of World Radio Day 2013. It is not a complete list, since it is not possible but more to come. Please keep your eyes on this post or this blog. Thanks.

–Md. Azizul Alam Al-Amin


  Message on World Radio Day 2013 

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with UN Radio staff
As a young boy growing up in a poor village after the Korean War, we did not have much. No phones. No television.
But we had something that connected us to the world outside our small village. We had radio. And radio helped open my eyes and ears to the world.
Since its invention more than 100 years ago, radio has sparked the imagination … opened doors for change … and served as a channel for life-saving information.
Radio entertains, educates and informs. It promotes democratic expression and influences ideas.
From short-wave to FM to satellite transmission – radio connects people wherever they are.
In conflict situations and times of crisis, radio is a lifeline for vulnerable communities.
Radio is both valuable and cost-effective.
From day one, the United Nations has been using radio to reach the peoples of the world .
UN Radio sheds light on all issues on the United Nations agenda – from sustainable development … to the protection of children … to peacekeeping and conflict prevention.
We are proud of our rich history of radio production in many languages, and the innovative ways we use radio to inform and serve the world.

On this World Radio Day, let us celebrate the power of radio and let us work together to tune the world to the frequency of peace, development and human rights for all. (Source : United Nations Radio)


Ms. Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

Irina Bokova

World Radio Day celebrates a medium that has transformed the way we communicate and that remains at the forefront of the 21st century. On 18 December, 2012, the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the 2011 resolution adopted by the UNESCO General Conference, proclaiming 13 February as World Radio Day, the day United Nations Radio was established in 1946.

The birth of radio in the 19th century ushered in the era of modern communication. The world has changed dramatically since then, but radio has hardly aged a day. It remains widely accessible, relatively cheap and very simple to use. It is still the medium that can carry any message to any place at any time – even without electricity. In situations of conflict and natural disaster, shortwave radio provides a lifeline of information that can save lives.
Radio has embraced the digital revolution to expand its power and reach. Across the world, the cost of broadcasting is decreasing and the number of radio stations is increasing. Citizen journalists and community media are using online radio stations to give voices to those who are rarely heard. More than ever, radio remains a force for social change, by sharing knowledge and providing a platform for inclusive debate.
In a world changing quickly, UNESCO is committed to harnessing the full power of radio to build bridges of understanding between peoples, to share information as widely as possible and to deepen respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, especially freedom of expression. This is essential for good governance, open societies and sustainable development. 
This is why UNESCO works to protect the safety of radio journalists across the world and to support free, independent and pluralistic media, along with the necessary legal frameworks and democratic institutions.
UNESCO is also determined to make full use of community radio to address poverty and social exclusion at the local level and to empower marginalized rural groups, young people and women. Radio is a key platform for education and for protecting local cultures and languages. It is also a powerful way to amplify the voices of young people around the world on issues that affect their lives. We must bolster their skills and give them opportunities to engage fully with radio.
Radio has transformed our past -- it remains a powerful force for shaping a more peaceful, more sustainable and more inclusive future for all. This is UNESCO’s message for World Radio Day.
Irina Bokova (Source : UNESCO)

Worldwide Celebration Schedule

Celebrate World Radio Day at UNESCO Headquarters

On 13 February, we invite you to Celebrate World Radio Day at UNESCO headquarters.

Free online registration

Seven International Radio stations will broadcast live from the Open UNESCO Hall.

UNESCO invites you to a series of conferences and debates with various experts to discuss a wide range of topics including youth radio, shortwave broadcasting and the safety of journalists.

When: 13 February, 11:00 - 18:00

Location: 7, place de Fontenoy - Paris, France 75007

Provisional Programme
Broadcasting live from UNESCO’s Hall
Open UNESCO Hall


Room Miró
11.00 – 11.10 Opening of the Day (in French)

11.10 – 11.45 “Youth Radio” (in French)

Speakers: Mirta Lourenço, Chief of UNESCO’s Media and Society Section, Emmanuel Semo, President, Radio VL and Clémence Petit-Perrot, Children's Radio Foundation (CRF)

11.45 – 12.30 Panel «Killed for doing their job. The Threat to Radio Journalists» (in English)
Participants: Jean-Paul Marthoz (Committee to Protect Journalists); Rania Badri (radio journalist in exile from Syria), Biniam Simon, founder of Radio Erena

12.30 – 1.00: UN Plan of Action on safety of journalists (in French)
Speaker: Sylvie Coudray, Chief, Freedom of Expression, UNESCO

1.00 – 2.00: Panel «Shortwave Broadcasting: a Radio of the Past?» (in English)
Participants: Catherine Westcott, Senior Frequency Manager, BBC, Josef Troxler, CEO Ampegon, Steering Board Member, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), Oleg Kupriyanov, Deputy Chairman, International Relations, Voice of Russia and Guy Berger, Director of UNESCO’s Division of Freedom of Expression and Media Development

2.00 – 3.00: «Albert Turpain, 2 ans avant Marconi» (FR)
Speaker: Jacques Marzac (French historian)


Valeria Nadal
Senior Assistant
Media and Society
Communication and Information
Tel: 33-1 45 68 42 13
Fax: 33-1 45 68 55 85

February 13 is World Radio Day – a day to celebrate radio as the medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide. One group that recognises its power is longstanding IFEX member the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), an organisation that knows firsthand how radio helps combat poverty, exclusion and voicelessness. This year, AMARC celebrates its 30th birthday along with more than 4,000 members – community radio stations, federations and community media stakeholders – in 130 countries (Source : IFEX)



2nd World Radio Day 2013 Observation National Committee in Bangladesh

On 13 February at 10 a.m., a Radio Conference and Rally will be held at Bangladesh Betar’s Conference room (Sher e Bangla Nagar, Dhaka 1207). The regional Bangladesh Betar station, along with 14 Community Radio and 9 private FM Stations will be on location to help celebrate World Radio Day.
The event has been organized by the World Radio Day Observation National Committee 2013 with the cooperation of Bangladesh Betar. BNNRC is part of the International Committee for the World Radio Day (WRD), constituted by agreement among the most representative broadcasting organizations that supported the implementation of World Radio Day within the UN and other international bodies. In cooperation with UNESCO the WRD Committee encourages all countries to celebrate World Radio Day by planning activities in partnership with regional, national and international broadcasters, NGOs, the media and the public. (Source : via UNESCO’s World Radio Day Crowd Map)

Russian Sourcefabric team will celebrate with special radio programming throughout the week. You can catch their shows here on Tuesday and Friday from 9AM-10AM EST. (Source: Sourcefabric)

Rio De Janeiro
The radios from EBC Brazil will tribute the World Radio Day at the 13 February with little spots and some historical radio show produce here at Rádio MEC and Nacional from Rio de Janeiro. (Source: via  UNESCO's World Radio Day Crowd Map)

The Airtime development hub lives and works in Toronto, making it the perfect place to celebrate World Radio Day. We invited developers from Mozilla's Popcorn to present the tool that allows you to use your web browser to curate video, audio and web content. Alongside them the Airtime development team will demo the open source radio automation software, providing a rare opportunity to have the tools and the team together in public. Finally, Airtime's lead-developer, Martin Konečný will discuss his experiments getting Airtime to work on Raspberry Pi. More details are also on the event page. (Sourcce: Sourcefabric)

Czech Republic
The Sourcefabric team in Prague love radio. Douglas Arellanes, founder of Sourcefabric and DJ at Radio1 Prague will gather with the group at  Langhans Gallery. The venue has a history as a photographic studio since the 19th century. Yet today the use of the space has extended well beyond photographic art and now includes cultural and social issues. More details are also here on the event page. (Source: Sourcefabric)

A very special edition of Hacks/Hackers Berlin is coinciding with World Radio Day. We inviting audio hackers, radio stations, sonic innovators, music journalists and more to not only come and celebrate radio, but also look at new ways that journalism can benefit from some of the innovations happening in radio and music. The event will be hosted at Supermarkt a creative resource centre in Wedding, Berlin. Five minute lightning presentations will highlight influential local radio journalists as well as innovative projects using radio and sound. For more information check out the Meetup page, where more details about presenters will be posted. You can also join the Facebook event page. (Source: Sourcefabric)

The Spanish Sourcefabric team based in Guatemala will be lecturing at University of San Carlos de Guatemala and University Rafael Landivar and focusing online conversations in their #sourcechat sessions on the power of radio on Tuesday February 12, just follow @SourceLatAm. As well they will be featured on "Temas y Debates" a radio program with Quique Godoy at Radio Infinita 100.1 FM. (Source: Sourcefabric)


RAI Radio 3
A special day, February 13th, celebrated by the cultural channel of the Italian National Public Radio, Rai Radio3. Informations about the initiatives on air and on line will be available at the web pages created for the World Radio Day. (Source : via  UNESCO's World Radio Day Crowd Map)

Medium Wave Experimental Demonstration 

A ultra-low-power medium wave station will be built, according to national regulations, on location by Italradio equipped with the co-operation of Rotary Club Firenze Est. Members of the club will monitor quality of the transmission with different receivers. The transmission will include a special message for the World Radio Day. (Source: , via  UNESCO’s World Radio Day Crowd Map)


National Forum of Community of Radios in Kenya

UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa has organized this National Forum owing to communities’ central role in development in Mtito Andei, from 13 to 14 February 2013. This joint initiative between various UN Agencies and Programmes, National Media stakeholders and community media practitioners will be an opportunity for community radio stations and their serving communities to voice and share their experiences with the world; engage with communities and listener audience by applying New Media and ICT tools with the traditional media format to develop radio programmes. This 2-day event will bring together community radio practitioners, journalists and local communities from across Kenya. It will provide a platform for communication among members of local communities to be able to address historical, current and anticipated issues within their communities through community media. The event will highlight the role of community radio in addressing social, economic and political issues that affect the very fabric of society. (Source : UNESCO)

Talking to APP Station Director Radio Pakistan Peshawar, Laiq Zada Laiq shed light on the history of Radio in the country said that radio is the mother of electronic media that discovered great voices, anchors, analysts, dramatists and singers. Laiq Zada Laiq said that special programmes would be broadcast on February 13 to mark the day and schedule of programmes would be issued by the headquarters in this regard. (Source: Pukhtoogle, Peshwar, Pakistan)


Radio Romania International
On the occasion of World Radio Day RRI would like you to join us for this celebration and tell us, in less than 60 seconds, what radio means to you. You can send your messages as e-mail audio attachments, at our regular addresses, or you can just upload your messages on the website that we have created specially for this event: Obviously, we could talk about radio for hours, but now we would just like you to send a short and creative message, just like radio messages should be, in which you can tell us why radio is such an important means of information to you. On February 13th you will hear some of the messages sent by our listeners, in RRI’s programs, and why not, in programs broadcast by other radio stations, which will use your messages in their own shows.  The World Radio Day International Committee web platform organizes sound item exchanges in order to promote this medium (1 minute maximum). You are invited to produce and send your posts, whatever your link may be with the Radio world (public Radio, private Radio, community Radio, independent producer, listener etc). Contact: (Source : Radio Romania International)

Ralf Sochaczewsky to conduct World Radio Day anniversary concert
The event will take place at Bucharest’s Radio Hall, February 13. The event will be marked by an outstanding concert performed by the Radio Romania Orchestras and Choirs consisting of works by Ravel, Mozart and Rameau, under the baton of German conductor Ralf Sochaczewsky, who conducted over the years such reputed musical ensembles as London Philharmonic, Leipzig Orchestra of Musical Comedy, the Minsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and the Strasbourg National Opera Orchestra. The concert will be held at Radio Hall, Bucharest, February 13, 7.00 pm. The program will start with the “The Gallant Indies”, an orchestral suite from the famous eponymous opera-ballet by baroque French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau, on a musical arrangement made by conductor Ralf Sochaczewsky himself. “The gallant Indies” combines singing and dance the way a musical does nowadays, on the backdrop of a love story that unfolds in an unspecified exotic place. In its turn, the Flute and Harp Concerto in C major by Mozart featuring flutist Marian Olaru of the Radio Chamber Orchestra and Ioana Nicolescu – harp, a member of the „George Enescu” Philharmonic -Bucharest, offers a very pleasant instrumental combination. (Source : Nine O’clock)

Cluj, the recent technopolis of Romania is home to our Superdesk developers. This year they are jumping on the World Radio Day festivities with a meeting planned at Casa TIFF. Local radio enthusiasts are invited to join them and discuss the future of radio. Details about the event can be found here.  (Source: Sourcefabric)



Madrid, Spain, will host an event to celebrate World Radio Day 2013. It will be organized by the International Radio Committee and will be hosted by the Spanish Academy of Radio. During the event, several national radio awards will be presented, including an award of appreciation to UNESCO for its proclamation of World Radio Day. (Source : UNESCO's World Radio Day Crowd Map)

The Creative Radio School TEA FM will broadcast and performed live from Zaragoza a special six-hour program to celebrate World Radio Day, from 1500 to 1800 CET. Interviews, experimental pieces, radiodrama and open debates about the past, present and future of the radio. (Source : via UNESCO's World Radio Day Crowd Map)


Wavescan World Radio Day Special

A special edition of the "Wavescan" program from Adventist World Radio -- a weekly program dealing with developments in shortwave and international radio. This will be a special World Radio Day edition recorded at the High Frequency Coordination Conference hosted by the Arab States Broadcasting Union in Tunis, Tunisia, with news about World Radio Day, international broadcasting in Africa, and more. It will be broadcast on Wednesday, February 13 at 0100 UTC and 1200 UTC on 9955 kHz shortwave (and simulcast at from WRMI-Radio Miami International in Miami, Florida; and at 2000 UTC on 13570 kHz shortwave (and simulcast at from WINB in Pennsylvania, USA. Reception reports and comments can be sent to (Source : UNESCO’s World Radio Day Crowd Map)


BBC, Marconi had invented radio before Queen Victoria had celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 1897, but radio in Britain took another 25 years to begin an official service to listeners. On 14 November, 1922, the British Broadcasting Company's station at Marconi House broadcast for the first time. The opening words "This is 2LO calling" marked the beginning of the most distinguished public-service radio station in the world.  As part of the celebrations to mark World Radio Day on 13 February, historian Dominic Sandbrook explores the long and involved pre-BBC history of radio in Britain. How did Britain's broadcaster develop into an institution dedicated to entertainment, education and information? And how are Australian diva Dame Nellie Melba involved and an improbably-named Captain Plugge connected to the story? From Marconi to Savoy Hill via an old army hut in Essex, Tuning In is the story of the very earliest radio in Britain. (Source : Your World, BBC, UK)

SOAS Radio
World Radio Day London is hosted by SOAS radio and the Centre of African Studies at SOAS. A series of keynote speakers will include Tim Williams, Non-Executive Director and Deputy Director of the UK National Commission for UNESCO,Eric Chinje, Director of Communications at the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and Dr. Mary Myers, a specialist on community radio in Africa. The Communication for Development trade fair will include Sourcefabric, Lifeline Energy, Frontline SMS, the C4D Network, the LIDC, and Radio Active. And in the evening, 'In the Dark' a group of radio enthusiasts who celebrate the power of radio through group listening events will host a listening sessions. (Source: Sourcefabric)

Monday 13th February, 4-6pm in Room G2 SOAS, Russell Square, to mark the inaugural World Radio Day SOAS RADIO will be hosting a panel discussion ‘New Perspectives on Traditional Radio.’ A variety of practitioners, academics and tools providers will discuss how this traditional platform can be used as tool for development and empowerment even in the most vulnerable and remote communities. Lucy Duran a SOAS academic and BBC Radio 3 presenter will be joined by Guy Berger, Director for Freedom of Expression and Media Development at UNESCO, Dr Chege Githiora Chairman of the Centre of African Studies at SOAS, Birgitte Jallov  from Empowerhouse/ Panos London, Carlos Chirinos from SOAS Radio, Linje Manyozo from the London School of Economics and Amy O’Donnell FrontlineSMS:Radio. The discussion will cover practical issues related to running a community radio station such as entrepreneurship in radio stations’ business models and obstacles of politicisation of the airwaves.In tandem with World Radio Day, SOAS Radio will be launching their charity Radio Beyond Borders (RBB). Embodying the spirit of World Radio day, RBB will work with student volunteers to support the use of radio and new media to promote development, communication and social cohesion. RBB will work with community radio stations in developing countries to provide advice and support the setting-up of radio stations. We want to shareskills, build capabilities and promote cultural exchange, while providing a unique work and life experience for our volunteers. (Source : London Student)

Children’s Radio Foundation
A 24 hour radio station to celebrate the work of the Children’s Radio Foundation will pop-up on World Radio Day, February 13th 2013. A host of musicians, radio presenters and artists will come together at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London to appear on the station. Working with youth in Africa, the Children’s Radio Foundation produces radio programmes, and in the process gives young people a platform to say things that are important in their lives. WRD Radio will be available online via and Pure Connect, showcasing material produced by young people on the African continent. WRD Radio broadcasts will come live from the ICA between 18:00 and 21:30 GMT. Presenters include Robin Lustig from the BBC World Service, and Hardeep Singh Kohli, Ed Stourton and Charlie Lee-Potter from BBC Radio 4. Music performances will come from Caribou, Fourtet and BBC Sound of 2013 artist, Laura Mvula.  The event at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London is one of several events taking place around the world to celebrate World Radio Day, including others run by CRF in New York. Beth Sachs, Founder of CRF, said: “The event in London is genuinely unique. WRD Radio is the first of its kind and provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase some of the extraordinary stories and radio content produced by our youth broadcasters in Africa.” (Source : Radio Today, UK)



On February 13th we will be celebrating only the second ever World Radio Day and Radio LaB 97.1fm have shown it’s support for the day with a special dedicated show which will air on the day with a repeat on Sunday. Radio LaB will have interviews from radio stations all over the world as we celebrate how much of impact radio has on all of our lives. (Source:


United Nations Radio
UN Radio historical feature for World Radio Day, On Wednesday, the 13th of February this year, millions of people around the world will be celebrating World Radio Day. This annual event aims to highlight the power and relevance of radio broadcasting in reaching millions of people around the world, with information, education and entertainment. This celebration marks the day in 1946 when the newly-founded United Nations decided to establish and launch UN Radio. In this special historical feature, Ben Dotsei Malor looks at those early years of United Nations Radio. (Source : United Nations Radio)

UN Radio stamps go on sale on 13 February (UN Radio Day)

Six UN Radio stamps will go on sale at the UN Postal Administration's offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna on 13 February marking UN Radio Day. David Failor, the Chief of the UN Postal Administration says this postal administration is very unique in the world in that it's the only postal administration that issues stamps in three different currencies – US dollars, Swiss franks and the Euro. UN Radio's Donn Bobb sat down with David Failor and discussed the agency's stamp programme. (Source : United Nations Radio)


Chickasaw community radio station joins World Radio Day celebration,  The Chickasaw Nation’s community radio station, KCNP 89.5 FM, will join several international radio broadcasters on February 13 to celebrate World Radio Day. World Radio Day is observed on February 13, which marks the day when United Nations Radio was launched in 1946. As part of the celebration, KCNP will be participating in a sound exchange with other radio stations around the world. KCNP will contribute a short message for the radio exchange and will air other stations’ sound clips throughout the day. International, Native and aboriginal music will be featured on Wednesday’s playlist to mark the observance. The station will also broadcast short programs produced by UNESCO emphasizing the importance of radio worldwide. The annual celebration is intended to raise awareness about radio’s important role as a means of communication and entertainment. It is also designed to encourage broadcasters and networks to promote freedom of information and international cooperation. For more information about KCNP, listen to 89.5FM or listen to the online stream at (Source : Native American Times, USA)


Media in Vietnam have joined UNESCO in observing World Radio Day through radio, television,  the internet and print media. In an interview with Radio Voice of Vietnam’s (VOV) permanent correspondent in Paris, Ms. Mirta Lourenco, Chief of Media and Society, Freedom of Expression and Media Development highlighted the significance of the event initiated by UNESCO and endorsed by the UN General Assembly in 2012 as well as the role of the radio as an effective tool of communication.
In an interview with VOV, Ms Katherine Muller-Marin acknowledged the important role of radio while Vietnam is moving forward to develop an inclusive, resilient and sustainable learning society. She said that one goal of that learning society is for everyone to have access to quality learning opportunities everywhere and at all times. UNESCO has been working with the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam to support education not only in schools but also through Community Learning Centres, museums, pagodas and in various forms. One of the ways to educate people is through communication. Radio is a wonderful medium to bring education and information to people and a relevant to within a learning society.  Click here to view VOV’s trailer on the Word Radio Day in Vietnamese.
For more information, please contact Ms. Hoang Minh Nguyet, UNESCO Vietnam's Communication and Information Programme Coordinator, at hm.nguyet(at) (UNESCO office in Hanoi)

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