Monday, February 11, 2013

St Helens, UK: Community radio station Relax Radio for young people set for launch

Published on Monday 11 February 2013 09:16
A NEWTON teenager has secured the funding he needs to turn his radio station dream into a reality.

Leon Corrigan, 19, of Common Road, is set to create a brand new community radio station - Relax Radio - with the help of a £300 grant from O2.

The station will be run by the young people of St Helens and is set to start broadcasting 24/7 this month.
Leon said: “I decided to set up this project because there’s no real community-based radio, and I thought it would really benefit the young people in St Helens to have one.

“In the long-term, the aim is to apply for FM status for Relax Radio and establish it as a permanent local station. In the meantime, it will give young people brilliant skills and work experience in the media industry.”

Leon is set to work with local schools and colleges to find volunteers and broadcasters - and they will have the choice of what programme they’d like to make.

The young people will be able to pick their own music and create programmes about the things they’re passionate about. The station will be available for anyone to listen to for free online.

O2’s Think Big campaign supports young people over the UK by providing funding, mentoring and training to help them implement social action projects that benefit their local communities. 

Bill Eyres, head of O2 Think Big, said: “Leon impressed us with his commitment to making a real difference to his local community and we wish him every success in what’s a really worthwhile project.

“Young people are brimming with ideas, passion and enthusiasm. We want to encourage all of that exciting creativity and give them a platform to help them do great things for their local communities. “We give bright young people the tools and help needed to grow their passion and ideas, and develop their skills.”
and deliver great projects. ”

O2 Think Big has already helped to fund more than 2,800 youth projects across the UK in the last 2 years.

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