Thursday, February 07, 2013

Tanzania: Birth of the Voice of Namibia in Tanzania

By Mvula ya Nangolo

THERE exists, to date, no exhaustive chronological record of the multilingual birth of the dynamic, educative and informative Voice of Namibia radio station that became popular with the oppressed majority of our people throughout the years before the systematic and indoctrinating colonial South West Africa Broadcasting Corporation  (SWABC) was brought into existence by Pretoria in a futile attempt to put a human face to apartheid.

There were many multilingual men and women members of the liberation movement who played a pivotal role in disseminating news about the genuine aims and objectives of the movement for freedom – and the list is too long and can only be fairly rendered in a well-researched document or book.  

I am also aware of some circulating ‘rumours’ that certain former members of the Voice of Namibia are said to have compiled papers, or theses or books on the subject under discussion, but I have most probably been unfortunate not to have come across a single paper or book or thesis by my former media workers of that era.

(Source : New Era, Namibia via

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