Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tanzania: Public Broadcasting's Role Revisited

TANZANIA joined the international community this week (February 13, 2013) to celebrate the World Radio Day which is marked worldwide to reflect the importance of public service broadcasting for the development of humanity.

Tanzania marked this day for the second time this year. A day the UN recognized the importance of radio broadcasting in the world that it caters for everyone and helps spread information faster and it reaches most people irrespective of where they are. The day was marked under the theme; "Challenges of public broadcasting in Tanzania".

Mr Ndimara Tegambwage, one of the respected media gurus in the country gave a presentation titled; The concept and rationale for public broadcasting in Tanzania. Other presentations during the occasion included; The legal framework for public service broadcasting in Tanzania which was presented Mr Mohammed Tibanyerenda a legal expert and media activist.

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