Monday, February 04, 2013

The national broadcasters of Turkey (TRT) and Kyrgyzstan have signed a cooperation agreement

Kyrgyzstan Radio and Television corporation Director General Kubat Otorbaev and the delegation acompanying him have met TRT Director General İbrahim Şahin at TRT Headquarters in Ankara. The cooperation agreement has been signed during the visit. TRT Director General İbrahim Şahin said he believes their cooperation will be further advanced to reach even a better level. He recalled that TRT is not going to participate in this year's Eurovision Song Contest , adding that the void is going to be filled with the Star of Eurasia. In line with the cooperation agreement, the Voice of Turkey broadcasts in the Kyrgyz language will be carried by Kyrgyzstan's "First Radio." Şahin said he hopes the agreement is going to be useful for the peoples of the two countries and he has the conviction of the good friendship between Turkey and Kyrgyzstan being raised to a much more advanced point . 

Kyrgyzstan national broadcaster's chief Kubat Otorbaev congratulated TRT on its 45th anniversary and thank TRT Director General for his support and contributions. The cooperation agreement between the two countries will also be reflected on to their cultural activities. 

(Source: Voice of Turkey)

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