Thursday, February 14, 2013

UAE: Radio is a listener’s silent companion, say RJs, on Word Radio Day

Kris Iyer and Vanitha Vinod of Radio Me conducting their 'Talking Point' show.

Illiterates and busy people tune in to radio for fun, news and entertainment

As the world celebrates World Radio Day today (February 13), radio jockeys (RJs) in the UAE are busy entertaining listeners, handling humanitarian issues or preparing for their next chat shows or music listings.

Some of the busy RJs, who found time to speak to Emirates 24|7, said they are happy that a large number of people including illiterates hear their voice at least once a day.

“I am illiterate and cannot read or write. But I get all the latest news from the radio in my car,” says Mohammed Khan, a cabbie in Dubai.

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(Source:   Emirates24/7, UAE)

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