Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UK: Industrial Action by National Union of Journalists (NUJ)

At 00.01am on Monday 18 February 2013, the National Union of Journalists began industrial action for a period of 24 hours. 

We are doing everything we can to deliver programmes and services to our audiences. However, we anticipate there will be some disruption to the schedule and apologise for this.

We will update this page throughout the day with schedule updates, statements and information about affected services.

Update 18.02.13, 6.22pm
No further updates expected today.

Update 18.02.13, 6.20pm
BBC One - The 10pm BBC News will run for 30 minutes including a 5-minute opt-out for regional news & weather. It will be presented by Chris Rogers.

Update 18.02.13, 5.35pm
BBC One - The 6pm BBC News will run for 30 minutes including a regional opt-out & weather. There will be no regional news from 6.30-7pm. This will be replaced by an episode of Fake Britain.

Update 18.02.13, 4.50pm
BBC One - Panorama will be broadcast as scheduled at 8.30-9pm.

Update 18.02.13, 4.20pm
Radio 4 - The 6pm news will be 15 minutes, the 12midnight news will be 18 minutes.

Update 18.02.13, 4.15pm
Radio 4 - 7.15-7.45: Front Row will go ahead as scheduled.

Update 18.02.13, 2.30pm
BBC Two - Newsnight will not be broadcast. It will be replaced by Wonders Of Life from 10.30-11.35pm.

Update 18.02.13, 11.45am
BBC One - Contrary to the previous update, there will now be a regional news bulletin from 1.30-1.35pm, following the BBC News and weather at 1pm.

Update 18.02.13, 10.30am
BBC One - The 1pm BBC News will run for 30 minutes including a regional opt-out & weather. There will be no regional news from 1.30-1.45pm. This will be replaced by an episode of Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers.

Update 18.02.13, 9.10am
BBC One - The scheduled BBC News updates at 11.00am and 12.15pm will now no longer be broadcast.

Update 18.02.13, 8.53am
Radio 4 – 10.00-10.45pm: The World Tonight will be replaced by an edition of Loose Ends.

Update 18.02.13, 8.45am
BBC Two - The scheduled edition of BBC World News at 11.30am-12noon will now be replaced by an episode of Coast.

Update 18.02.13, 8.40am
Radio 4 – 5.00-6.00pm: The Real George Orwell replaces PM.

Update 18.02.13, 8.37am
Radio 4 – 1.00-1.45pm: Pop-up Economics 1.00-1.15pm and Soul Music 1.15-1.45pm will replace The World At One.

Update 18.02.13, 6.55am
BBC One - More changes to BBC One Breakfast. Schedule now as follows: BBC News 7-7.30am, Escape To The Country 7.30-8am, BBC News 8-8.30am, 8.30-9.15am Heir Hunters.

Update 18.02.13, 6.10am
BBC One - Breakfast, 6-6.30am, Bargain Hunt 6.30-7am, Breakfast, 7-9.15am.

Update 18.02.13, 6.00am
Radio 4 – Today programme will not run. Today's revised schedule for BBC Radio 4

Update 18.02.13, 5.59am
BBC Statement: We are disappointed that the NUJ has gone ahead with today’s strike and apologise to our audience for the disruption to services. Unfortunately industrial action does not alter the fact that the BBC has significant savings targets and as a consequence may have to make a number of compulsory redundancies. We have made considerable progress in reducing the need for compulsory redundancies through volunteers, redeployment and cancelling vacant positions and we will continue with these efforts.

(Source: BBC Press Office)

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